Designed to be fully submergible Bloccs® Covers are invaluable whenever and wherever you need waterproof cast or dressing protection — whether pool, beach or bath.

Bloccs® easily stretch over casts and dressings to make a watertight seal.

Please follow the sizing chart. Bear in mind that extra length is okay, the circumference measurement needs to fall comfortably within the range given. To achieve the best fit, you may need to consider both adult and child sizes. 

  • Measuring is the key to a great fit!

    Our elbow PICC line and dressing protectors come in a variety of sizes to fit both children and adults. To ensure a watertight fit, be sure to
    follow these steps

    STEP 1: Measure for the right cover length.

    Measure from the forearm to the bicep to get the minimum length of the elbow protector needed.

    STEP 2: Measure for a watertight seal.

    Measure around the arm at the bicep (A) and at the forearm (B).

    STEP 3: Check the Size Chart.

    From the Elbow sizing chart, choose the Bloccs® cover which will fully fit over the elbow dressing.

    Size is determined by the seal size not the length. The larger size elbow protectors have a larger seals around the arm and are shorter in length.

Bloccs Waterproof PICC Line & Elbow Cover, Adult (2)


With easy to follow instructions and care information, your elbow cover will give you the independence to shower despite having an elbow dressing.

Whether you're going on vacation, taking a trip to the beach or staying at home and enjoying the hot tub or local pool don't miss out on any of the fun with Bloccs®!

Bloccs Waterproof PICC Line & Elbow Cover, Child (2)


At Bloccs® we understand the challenges that some parents already face encouraging their children to have a shower or bath but having a cast or dressing doesn’t need to be another excuse!

With easy to follow instructions and care information, Bloccs® will give children the independence to continue to shower or bathe despite having an injury.

Fully submergible, Bloccs® can protect the cast from the sand and the sea.

So if you are looking forward to a family vacation, a trip to the beach or lake or simply staying at home and heading to your local pool with Bloccs® there is no need for your child to miss out.

  • Bloccs was working safely and perfectly in the water, it really saved our holiday! 😊Thank you!

  • PICC Surgery done. First Shower. Dry Arm, Thank you Bloccs x

Express options available!

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