An unusual donation

An unusual donation

When emergency nurse practitioner Judith Barry borrowed a three-dimensional anatomical model for a training session at Chard Minor Injuries Unit, she realised just how useful a teaching aid it was.

Some very senior staff had recently retired from the unit and a lot of students were coming through so, rather than continuing to rely on diagrams, Judith decided to try and get some hand and foot models of their own.

“They’re an excellent way of explaining the impact of an injury and how to treat it, not only from our team’s point of view but also for patients,” said Judith. “They’re not cheap, though, so I decided to get in touch with Precision Dippings Manufacturing, the company that produces Bloccs waterproof wound and cast protectors, to see if they could help.”

Our Business Development Consultant Hannah Prickett was only too happy to oblige.

“We do a lot of work with hospitals and run a monthly competition encouraging patients to publicly thank the nurses and medics who have looked after them,” she said. “When Judith got in touch, we arranged to donate two models.”

Hannah visited Chard MIU to present them to Judith and her team.

“We’re delighted and excited that we can now start using them,” said Judith. “I know how good the Bloccs range is from the reports I get from patients but this is a very generous donation and we really are very grateful.”

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