Bloccs® is now part of Made in Britain!

We are excited to announce that we are now a part of Made in Britain!

Made in Britain uses official collective marks to help consumers, buyers and specifiers to identify products made by members making this the perfect platform for us to showcase our own product: Bloccs®.

Bloccs® are the epiphany of a rubber dipping company who have experience with both the medical industry and manufacturing dry suit seals. Our covers use a skin-tight waterproof seal to protect casts and dressings from water whilst showering, bathing or even swimming.

Made of natural rubber; we have a range of products for both adults and children designed to protect arms, legs, elbows and knees. Our covers are flexible enough to easily stretch over casts and bandages whilst keeping a tight seal to allow wearers to continue with their daily routines despite the cast or bandage.

Bloccs® are a UK based company but in the past five years we have grown rapidly and are now available globally including in marketplaces such as America, Australia and Europe. Bloccs® are a well-established brand in their niche available internationally through Amazon. 

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