Bloccs® Presents: How to Care for a Broken Bone!

Bloccs® Presents: How to Care for a Broken Bone!

Unfortunately, broken bones are extremely common amongst both adults and children. However, here at Bloccs® we believe that already hectic lives don’t need to be inconvenienced any more than necessary. We design our covers in a way that allows the wearer to shower, bathe or even swim. We wish to make living with a cast as stress-free as possible so we’ve compiled a list of other things that you can do to help whether it’s for you or a loved one!

Interesting Background Information

Broken bones can vary in severity. It depends on where the fracture is located, how the bone has broken and if the surrounding tissue has been damaged.

For both children and adults many broken bones are treated through immobilisation. The impacted limb must remain still throughout the recovery process. This might be done using a plaster cast.

Plaster casts hold broken bones in place allowing them to heal but they sometimes have to stay on for up to 12 weeks. This is a long time especially for children! However, there are plenty of things you can do to aid recovery and make life as easy as possible.

Helpful Advice 😊:

Please note that we are not medical professionals and all information has been taken from the NHS website.

  • Keeping the arm or leg raised on a soft surface for as long as possible will help to reduce swelling.
  • Leave the cast alone. The itchiness may be uncomfortable but it will likely settle down within a few days.
  • If you have a broken leg Avoid walking on it where possible. Only do so when it is safe and with a plaster shoe.
  • Exercising your non-broken joints helps improve circulation.
  • Avoid getting anything inside the cast including but not limited to small objects, powders and sprays as this might irritate the skin.
  • Do not do any heavy lifting or driving.
  • Do not try to alter the length or position of the cast.
  • Most importantly avoid getting the cast wet. Our Bloccs® Waterproof Cast & Dressing Covers can be used as a much better alternative to the never advised plastic bag.


Bloccs® Waterproof Cast & Dressing Covers use a skin-tight waterproof seal to keep water out whilst showering, swimming or bathing. We have covers to protect both broken arms and legs for adults and children so nobody has to miss out on a shower whilst injured.

Our covers have been designed to help keep casts (and bandages) dry for both adults and children. We completely understand how difficult looking after a cast can be and with everything else that having a broken bone entails we wanted to help make at least one aspect as stress free as possible.

We often have customers express how much easier showering is with Bloccs®. Whether it’s for themselves or for children they admit that having our cover takes the stress out of keeping a cast dry whilst maintaining a daily washing routine. We have often been called a “life-saver” by our customers who needed help with keeping their casts dry. Bloccs® are available to buy through our website or through our Amazon store.

Absolute lifesaver! 5 Stars

Amazing product! My 11 year old broke his arm at the start of the summer and was in a cast for 4 weeks. This sleeve allowed him to swim, take part in water fights with his friends and have baths and showers. His cast remained dry throughout and the sleeve is surprisingly hard-wearing so still looks as good as new! Highly recommended.” -Amazon Customer

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