Bloccs proves perfect for Brae

Bloccs proves perfect for Brae

It was 9am on Christmas Day and eight-year-old Brae was excitedly trying out the soccer goals present he’d just been given when a ball hit his wrist and broke it. Describing the ambulance service that quickly took him to Manning Hospital in Taree, New South Wales, as ‘sensational’, Brae’s mum, Kristy, explains the family were on holiday in Foster.

“Brae had a non-waterproof cast put on,” said Kristy. “We were devastated that meant we wouldn’t be able to play on the beautiful Foster water, though, so I started to search for waterproof cast protectors and found Bloccs.

“Ordering the right size was easy and the protector arrived two days later. We tested it in a pool. The cast was dry! Then we got a little braver and went kayaking and even surfing behind the boat. Still no problems. I know the instructions advise against activities like that, but we live our summer in the water.

“Bloccs really did save our holiday - thanks a million!”


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