Congratulations to kayaker Lachlan Bassett

Congratulations to kayaker Lachlan Bassett

Great news from Melbourne - following young kayaker Lachlan Bassett’s return home from Poland, where he competed in the ICF Junior World Slalom Championships.

Lachlan, who is 16 and trains six days a week, has only kayaked since he was 13. He enjoys a variety of disciplines within the sport but now prefers the thrill of C1 racing - a one-seater which is knelt in and powered using a one-bladed paddle.

Successfully competing in C1 requires an athlete to navigate waves, holes and riverbed rocks - while racing down white-water courses that can be up to five miles long.

Although relatively new to slalom paddling, Lachlan ranked an overall 30 out of 38 paddlers at the Junior World championships held in Krakow, a result which has left him (and us!) proud and hungry for more.

Lachlan now has ambition to improve his performance and become the number one ranked junior in Australia for the Junior C1 men. He’s already looking ahead to next January’s selections for the 2017 Junior World championships, which will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Speaking to the Bloccs team about his experience, he added:

“Slalom on the European stage was amazing, the athletes are so talented and committed to the sport. I was inspired by their facilities and support they receive from their home countries, particularly German and Czech Republic.

“I am looking forward to the Olympics and the canoe slalom events where Australia and England will battle it out for medals.

“Thank you for your support and assisting to reach my goals.”

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