Not long now until our royal visit!

Not long now until our royal visit!

To say we’re excited is an understatement!  On Wednesday 26 October, HRH The Duke of Kent is coming to meet us, see what we do, look at our Bloccs products and present us with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation.  

It’s just three years since we first launched our Bloccs waterproof arm and leg protectors for plaster casts and dressings.  As Precision Dippings Manufacturing we’ve spent more than fifty years making bespoke dipped rubber products for a range of companies in the UK and around the world.  Bloccs is our first consumer product and we’re absolutely thrilled with its success.

How did it all come about?  One of our directors’ children was injured, needed a plaster cast but also wanted to swim and bath normally.  We used our company expertise to help and that led to thinking about how to develop the concept commercially.  If we could create something for one child, why not hundreds and why not adults too? Extensive research, learning curves and hard work followed.  The result was Bloccs, national and international retail contracts and, the ultimate accolade, our Queen’s Anniversary prize. 

So what will happen on Wednesday?  The Duke arrives in the morning and, after touring the factory, will present us with the Queen’s Award bowl.  That will be followed by hoisting up the official Queen’s Award flag on our flagpole.  To have come so far in just three years is amazing and we’re pretty sure there won’t be a dry eye in the building.

Follow the day’s activities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter if you can. This is an event we’re extremely proud to share.

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