Precision Dippings Manufacturing to showcase new product at Medica

Precision Dippings Manufacturing to showcase new product at Medica

At the Medica trade fair in Dusseldorf, award-winning UK-based company Precision Dippings Manufacturing (PDM) will be showcasing a new product alongside its range of existing Bloccs waterproof, re-usable arm and leg protectors for plaster casts and dressings.

The long, thin, hollow tube that is inserted into a vein above the elbow to administer chemotherapy or other medication is held in place by a dressing which is changed weekly.  Known as a PICC line, the tube has to be kept dry and infection-free so PDM have created a Bloccs water-tight, protective elbow cover that allows the patient to shower and bath normally.

The cover will be on display for the first time at Medica from 14-17 November and is expected to create a lot of interest. We've  just been presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation for our Bloccs products – a highly sought-after UK accolade that rewards technological creativity at the very highest level.  

“We’re delighted to be taking our newly developed elbow protection product to Medica, along with our arm and leg selection which is proving so popular,” said PDM director Kate Richards. “2016 has proved to be a very successful year for us and we’re proud to be making a real difference to the lives of adults and children who need Bloccs’ protectors whilst their limb fractures are healing or for other wound dressings that mustn’t get wet.

“We’ve been re-designing our Bloccs’ packaging and are actively looking for more international distributors.”

Precision Dippings Manufacturing specialises in bespoke rubber medical products and contract manufacturing services.  Materials used range from natural rubber to synthetic and versatile alternatives like polyisoprene, (isoprene) and polychloroprene (neoprene).

The PDM stand at Medica is in Hall 16, booth 16F24-8. 

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