The Times Travel Editor recommends Bloccs

The Times Travel Editor recommends Bloccs

We are delighted that Bloccs waterproof covers have been recommended by Claire Irwin, The Times Travel Editor, in a feature she’s written about her holiday stay in Greece.

“Travelling with a nephew who had a newly broken arm, I’d worried about the realistic lifespan of his plaster cast when surrounded by water, but we arrived to find all our manageable worries assuaged thanks to an array of keep-him-dry pool inflatables provided by Simpson Travel and Safarikas (Bloccs waterproof sleeves are also highly recommended for anyone else in this predicament).”

The website video includes footage of her nephew jumping into the water with his Bloccs cover on – having fun and clearly enjoying himself.

As Claire points out, Bloccs watertight protectors mean those with a cast or dressing can make the most of holiday swimming. A break needn’t spoil a break. 

Read her article here.

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