Visiting Amazon HQ!

Visiting Amazon HQ!

Recently our Director, Kate, and our Marketing Manager, Hannah, got the fantastic opportunity to visit the Amazon HQ in London for the Global Expansion Seller Summit!

This was such a wonderful experience as it gave us the chance to meet lots of knowledgeable speakers from Amazon advisors to the Department for Business and Trade as well as other Amazon Sellers.

As a UK based company, we take great pride in how well we do here but we are always eager to improve on our international sales. This summit was perfect for exactly that, as Kate and Hannah got to learn more about market strategies for international development.

Bloccs® are waterproof cast & dressing covers designed to protect the user’s cast or dressing whilst doing water based activities such as swimming, showering or bathing. We have a range of products available for both adults and children.

All of our Bloccs® products are currently available on the various Amazon platforms including the UK, the EU, Australia and North America. Whilst we are always eager to learn how to improve our own brand and listings we also strive to better our customer service; things that this summit really helped us with.

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