Claire -UK

Claire -UK

Bloccs to the rescue!! To anyone out there who has broken an arm (or a leg) and going on holiday I would definitely recommend getting the 'bloccs' waterproof cover. They are absolutely amazing and allow you/your kids to swim in the pool as normal! Our yr old broken her arm and had rods inserted 2 weeks before we were going to Cyprus. Bloccs had been recommended by a family member but I was still skeptical about how good it would be. Our daughter was constantly in the pool diving about and we didn't have to worry at all or limit how long she was in there! She certainly didn't feel like the broken arm ruined her holiday! Bloccs definitely saved our holiday and made just as enjoyable for Hannah! Thank you!

(All I would say is, especially for kids, if it's constantly on and off throughout the day take 1 for each week as the seal may stretch)

place: Cyprus

star rating: 5

Claire Briggs, Hannah - 15.06.17

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