Natalia - Malaga, Spain

Natalia - Malaga, Spain

Natalia Torres Sanchez - 17.07.17


My son's name is Alejandro. He is nine years old and he broke his arm on the last day of school.

He is the middle of three brothers.

When the family decides to go on vacation, you can't say no to vacations and say no to water.

But if the family lives in the sea, on «the coast of the sun», is impossible to say no to water.

He and his brothers were very sad for 50 days without being able to swin.

I saw your protector Bloccs online in amazon and I explained him that maybe it will not work.

When we put the protector on his arm and he began to swin, he shouted « mamiiiiii works!!!!!».

All the family are very happy and we thank you for everything.



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